Braj Vyavhar Kosh (Hindi Edition) por Bhawani Dutt Pandya

Braj Vyavhar Kosh (Hindi Edition) por Bhawani Dutt Pandya

Titulo del libro: Braj Vyavhar Kosh (Hindi Edition)

Autor: Bhawani Dutt Pandya

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 16, 2017

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Bhawani Dutt Pandya con Braj Vyavhar Kosh (Hindi Edition)

Braj bhasha is the most prominent language of literary expression in India's heartland. It's classical literature is truly timeless. However, the spoken dialect is in danger of slow death due to urban migration, discontinuation of many cultural events and various other social factors. This beautiful dialect is under serious threat of extinction in the coming decades and hence it is imperative that it's wealth of words be properly documented by the present generation. Braj Vyavhar Kosh is an effort inspired by this idea. The words in this dictionary are accompanied by a brief explanation, the style of which is less that of a strict definition and more an indication of its context and usage. This lends a much better understanding of the words.

Bhawani Dutt Pandya retired as Secretary of the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, Government of India. During his 36 years in the field, he worked extensively on developing and producing dictionaries in social sciences and humanities. He was born and raised in Aligarh where Braj bhasha is widely spoken.